25 Apr 2012

Oops 2

Look what showed up in the mail today

Obviously I had expected a much longer playoff celebration

A few weeks back we drove around the mountain communities on a Sunday night, including Arroyo Chico which was one of the furthest East hit by the fire


We then drove as far north as possible on County Road 83 (our street) to the Sunshine Saddle. If Gus the Hero hadn't rescued Hudson this - Glendale Gulch - is where I was going to be coming from. I had always wanted to make the 6-mile roundtrip run with 2,300' to see what it would have been like. I tried about a week before and was greeted by 3 random dogs with no people and decided to pass (this was also where some residents had guns out and refused to evacuate)

And...a nice sunset last week...analagous to the sun setting on the Vancouver Canucks...