5 Mar 2012

Drive to Boulder

The drive back to Boulder was boring but the pics made it look somewhat interesting

"Bye Harv"

Carnation. Look - a rainy day

Snoqualmie Pass

A surreal sky

About to leave Washington

Eastern Oregon

Maureen likes barn pics and these were two nice ones along the way

I don't know what they're doing. Playing? I know young male moose do this

See you cops - no tickets for me today

Windmills are frequent in Idaho, Utah and Wyoming. I think they're cool against the open space. Always makes me think of investing in wind power as it's so windy out here, especially in Wyoming. This is in Idaho

Near Salt Lake

Hahaha! WTF?

Always plenty of horse and cow pics on this blog. I'm not sure it helps my "readership stats". These were in Utah

Maureen took this - I think she wants to be a trucker after watching several seasons of "Ice Road Truckers" on Discovery

Trains help pass the seemingly endless boredom. Plus Pops Harvey likes train pics

We stopped at a rest area as we crossed into Wyoming and saw these guys/ I'm a huge bison fan (yup - bison, not buffalo)

Train with military vehicles in Wyoming

That was the last pic as there was little else of interest before sunset. I guess I could have taken a pic of the Wal-Mart in Boulder where we got food - we were irritable (more Maureen, I was awesome) and hungry