30 Apr 2010

New Mexico Pics

Santa Fe was awesome. We are going back May 15th for 3 weeks before heading towards Seattle. The weather was odd - sometimes beautiful with glorious sunsets as seen from our house...

...and sometimes stormy with strong winds, usually in the afternoon...

Santa Fe has quite the arts scene, especially on Canyon Road which is lined with maybe 50 galleries. All the pieces below are too big to fit in the car (especially the horse's head)

About April 15th we headed to Taos for the second time. We loaded up The Grumpus...

Along the way we stopped at Santuario de Chimayo:


Yes...I did take some soil...

We continued on our way and into more stormy weather

It was good to see our old friends

What we didn't expect was snow. I mean...late April in New Mexico?

Hopefully better updates to come (as in back to weekly)


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